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Lamps Lit on the streets.

[02 Aug 2005|10:47am]

<.Sorry everyone, here is my post....>

Lazily staring upwards, she twisted her head to Magus. Charade suddenly smirked as she followed in suit, nodding slightly.

"I agree fully. Mm, and bothersome can be bad for both halves here..."

She continued her smirk to a full fledged grin. Yes, yes. People would bother her, she would cause a ruckus, and then what? The human dogs would be after her, for certain...

Lamps Lit on the streets.

[23 Jun 2005|02:05pm]

Slowly did eyelids lift, only to flutter closed for sun struck its corner a hand raised to shield from the impending light, only then did they open successfully, allowing crimson orbs to peer upwards, For a moment stood slipping slim digits behind the folds of an dusty black jacket, pulling forth a scrunched up piece of paper, taking but a moment to gaze upon the smudged parchment.

A smug grin, the figure took a single step forward, heavy boots scraped the cobbeled street kicking a few pieces of rubble aside, stood poised casually glancing at the crowd of two legged cattle wonder about with daily jobs, how trivial.

Lamps Lit on the streets.

[03 Jun 2005|06:24am]

Magus nodded and walked on toards the direction of home with her new companion.

"You're welcome if you like. And there's not many people out there to be bothersom." She grinned slightly.

(ran out of ideas. short post. muffin man)

Lamps Lit on the streets.

[01 Jun 2005|08:17pm]

Charade grinned briefly, watching Magus stand in the softly pouring rain. Her eyes shifted left, then to the right. A milky white gaze soon re-settled onto Magus.

"but of course, I love dark rooms."

Her lips formed into a full out smile, the slightly sharper, slightly elongated canines soon showed. A genuine full smile, the vampire was not frightened of this being. She slipped her top hat around her own fingers, then back onto her head.

"So, we'll be off to your manor then?"

Her voice flowed lightly from her lips, pale skin being pelted with the rain, gentle as was, but her own mind was going to become insane in this weather...

Lamps Lit on the streets.

[26 May 2005|09:38am]

Magus stood and nodded, putting her hat back on and leaning slightly on her cane.

"Of course. If you've nowhere to stay, you are welcome to join me in my home. It's just a bit of a walk, if that's all right with you."

She nodded down the road, leading to a few old manors lying on the hills not so far off. The dark clouds played eerily behind the scene, but it made Magus content that way.

“You seem to be the type who would appreciate a dark room during a bright day, am I right?” She asked with a bit of a grin.

Lamps Lit on the streets.

[21 May 2005|08:21am]

Gazing upon Magus, her orbs shifted left and right before she leaned forth.

"M'name, Eh? It's Charade Huldron. Tis but a mere pleasure, I'm certain.."

She grinned, flashing her teeth slightly. A soft scent of sulfur rose to her nose as she watched her surrounding area. Maybe the ground wasn't meant to be so warm, and then so cold...so instantaneously. She smirked slightly, the scent would burn the hairs in any normal person nose, but when you were dead like she, there really wasn't much. Her hands traced the rim of her hat, staring at the water still collecting in it.

"..Mind if we move elsewhere? This..substance disturbs me so. I might have to murder something, and well..."

Her lip puffed out, a pout escaping.

"I wouldn't want to do that."

She let her gaze move back upwards, done with the pouting. A laugh escaped as she grinned at Magus.

Lamps Lit on the streets.

[18 May 2005|02:19am]

[ mood | blah ]

A decedant pool of chocolate silk gathered across his lap, idle strands clinging to bare thighs as satin caressed his arm a robe loosely slipped about his form. A glance was offered to his raven haired lover, a knowing smile touching pale lips as droplets of perspiration glinted in the eerie luminance provided by the brewing storm. So fragile. A finger ghosted up along the sinew held taut upon his thigh, the resulting twitch amusing him greatly as lips parted, no doubt a deep groan echoing within the silent throat. Dark lashes parted, a shard of sapphire glinting in the murk, capturing the patient emerald gaze upon his prone form. For a moment Lantis appreciated the gaze, revelled in it even as it traced the contours of his lithe, elegant form, hungry, always hungry, what for? His form turned abruptly, distorting as he twisted, his spine turned to his sire as his hand rose to his countenance, craddling it. For a moment his senses reeled, trying as ever to make sense of his surroundings, the sharp masculine scent that surrounded him and the earthy tang the storm drew. A second passed before a fingertip trailed the length of his spine, digits tiptoing across his shoulder as warmth spread across his back, a form leant upon it. "You hunger chere?" A swift tilt of his head brought ivory daggers to rest upon the proferred finger, his tongue caressing the tip instead, the only sign of attraction towards his sire that he had shown this eve not slipping past without recognition, the damp digit caressing his cheek. "Then go to them, no?" Hands wandered, ivory cotton drawn tenderly across broad shoulders as his master drew his clothes upon him, not an all together uncommon experience. Digits wove together, dexterious and pliable as the buttons were attempted in unison, each securely fastened and neatened before his jacket and trousers were donned, transforming into a respectable gentleman within the slow, sensual experience. "Chere?" A wicked smile. "I am desireous to dine in tonight, why not bring something back for me? Though none could match your beauty." He stood, seeming ignorant or unwilling to oblidge his sire as gently he placed the hat upon his head, stalking towards the door. For a brief moment he glanced back, a cool mixture of hunger and contempt within his eyes before a curt nod signified his acceptance.

(I was going to write more but.. x.x I'm tired. Sorry.)

Lamps Lit on the streets.

[17 May 2005|05:01pm]

Magus grinned a bit at the odd display that quickly passed. She took her hat off in a respectful gesture and nodded.

"Magus C. Trouillefou. And what may your name be?" By the time her question was finished, her hair was soaking wet, but she didn't seem to care much. She stood from the bench, glancing up at the pouring rain, the grin still on her face. Then her eyes went back to the pale stranger.

Lamps Lit on the streets.

[17 May 2005|12:07pm]

Her twisted composure regained, a cheshire smile flashed across her lips.

"..So, it's a tuesday. Tuesday tuesday, sometimes dead day...Mmm...dead.."

Her eyes rolled in her head slightly before she stopped, and leaned forwards to a full ninety degree angle, tilting her head upwards to gaze directly at the woman before her.

"And possibly, what is your name?"

A simple question, compared to the crazy rhyme she had just spewn from her lips. The tophat was removed once to catch the rain, her pure white eyes widening at the substance in the hat. This was unusual, and thus she thrust a hand in after the water, swirling it. A laughter broke out as she stopped and went back to blankly staring at the woman.

Lamps Lit on the streets.

[16 May 2005|11:26pm]

A clap of thunder blared into the evening sky. The rain was pouring down hard over the already drenched town. Though the beating of raindrops was deafening, a faint sound of hard heeled boots hitting the cobble stone could be heard. These footsteps belonged to only person willing to walk the streets at this time of night. He seemed to walk as if he had no where to go. No home to return to. The man looked up and saw lights flicker in a near by window. Leaning against the wall of the building to brace himself up, he looked up at the sign above the window. The Rainy Day. How ironic, thought the man. He opened the door slowly and stamered in, seeming to trip on his own feet. Walking slow over to the bar, people in the room began to eyeball the man. He finally made it to a stool and sat down, slumped over the counter. The barkeep made his way over to him.

"What're ya be havin this fine and wonderfall evening?", asked the barkeep.

The man answered back, not bothering to look up, "Scotch. Strong."

The barkeep reached under the counter and produced a glass and a tall bottle.  He poured a small amount of the liquid into the galss and pushed both glass and container toward the slump man. The man raised his hand, reaching for the bottle. He then brougt it to his lips and began to consume the containts of the bottle. He set it down and sat there. Still staring at the man, people began to talk and whisper about him. A surly gentalman sundered over to him.

Sitting down next to him, the gentalman said, "So what's yer problem."

The man didn't responed to the gentalman.

"Hey! I'm talkin' to ya!" The gentalman graps the mans shoulder and turns him around. The man graps the gentalmans hand and bends it off of his shoulder and brakes his thumb.

The man stands up and reaches into the pocket of his trench coat. He pulls from it a bit of coin and throws it on the counter. He begins to proceed towards the door, as the gentalman is writhing on the floor in pain. He turns and looks up for the first time. He begins to speak in a cheerful tone

"I'm sorry if i've caused you any inconvenience. Samuel Hargon is the name. I'll be back later. I've some business to attend to."

Samuel turns back around and heads out the door. The rain still as deafening as ever, he walked down the street, his head back down as before. He bundels himself up as the wind starts to pick up.

"It's going to be a long night. I just hope my host hasn't decided to leave his guest outside in the cold again"

Samuel began down the road, walking toward a large mansion looming in the rainy night.

Lamps Lit on the streets.

[16 May 2005|04:22pm]

She grinned a bit at the apology.

“I’m not too proud to say you didn’t. But only a moment. As far as the day is concerned, it is a Tuesday. The date escapes me.”

She looked up to catch the white eyes of the stranger better in her own dark ones, keeping a calm composure while trapped in a strange game of sorts. Who would look away first? She twisted her cane absently in her left hand a bit, as she did whenever something intrigued her.

Lamps Lit on the streets.

[16 May 2005|04:17pm]

Charade's gaze lingered briefly, before she stood and gave off a cheshire grin. Her eyes twinkled like the milky way on a clear night, staying set upon the other.

"Very much so, and yet. I wonder what day it is."

Her lips opened to give off a hesitant laugh. She'd never been positive of dates, and thus leaned in to get a better look at this woman. Another smile as she went on..

"And do pardon me, if I've startled you in any way."

Flaring her nose, she'd allow herself to smell the air...

Lamps Lit on the streets.

[16 May 2005|04:10pm]

Magus looked up, caught unprepared by the sudden landing of the stranger who now crouched before her. She didn't give up her cool demeanor, however. A surprise like that wasn’t enough to loose such a thing. She tipped her hat to the stranger in return out of respect.

“Good night to you, madam.” She said coolly. She then took in the sight of the stranger, pausing a moment. A fresh scent of blood lingered in the air about her. Odd…

“A dark day, yet pleasant, is it not?” She asked, her question doubling as a candid interrogation.

Lamps Lit on the streets.

[16 May 2005|12:36pm]

Upon the murder of the maid, Charade turned her frame back toward the open balcony window. A sudden smirk crossed her lips, eyes shifting from side to side as she strode forth. A soothing lull came from her lips, deranged most likely. The tune was that of rock-a-bye-baby, but yet it held a eerie history to it.

Her body arched once more over the balcony to view the woman whom now had taken a seat. Curiouser, and curiouser.. her thoughts repeated, as she lifted herself to the balcony edge, and leapt downwards. A soft fwump hit the ground, her body arched like that of a gargoyle in it's landing formation before lifting her head, and re-adjusting her top hat.

"...Good eve...."

Her lips parted, and words fluidly escaped..

Lamps Lit on the streets.

LJ change! [15 May 2005|10:18pm]

This is Chris (tb_dude18). I just wanted to say that i've changed the LJ which i'll be posting as. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Lamps Lit on the streets.

[15 May 2005|03:39pm]

The clouds were growing dark for daytime as Magus walked the streets silently, leaning on her cane as she did. Listening in on the conversations of people gave her some amusement, but it was a shallow thing. Humans led such interesting lives, but she'd never know them herself... Not fully, anyway.

She sighed and sat on a bench outside a small inn, needing a bit of a break from walking. Her left leg was still irritating her a bit, threatening to bring her down if she didn’t sit.

Dull town… She thought silently, watching as a young couple walked the other side of the street, smiling and talking of light conversation. She’d stay there for a while, contemplating where she should go after; wither a show or just to dine somewhere…

Lamps Lit on the streets.

[15 May 2005|11:50am]

A soft breath escaped her lips, silly how vampires adapted to human lifstyles, such as fake breathing. Her eyes turned from the walking figure. She hated being roomed up for the days, but with L'inthar being out there, rooming was probably the most safest thing. Her eyes settled on a small armoire; hands tracing the wood that had dust. Shaking her head, she opened her door, rang the small bell, and waited for service. Then again, service was not what she was asking for, but more a meal. Her facial features were gaunt, and sunken in as of late, being she hadn't fed in a good two nights.

A woman, in the not so nicest dressed manner, came up to her service. Charade allowed herself to seem calm, and quite un-impressed, but inside, her mind was constantly thinking of ways to feed from this poor woman. She pointed about the room, using a flat open palm..

"...Why is my room in such a shamble?"

Her eyes lingered back to the woman, mere slits where the pupils were the only color to her eyes. The maid lifted her hand slightly, a kerchief being brought out as she began to clean the dusty mess, where in Charade's hand caught the woman's cleaning hand. A look that of pure hunger ripped at her facial expression before she bit into the vocal box, making sure to rip any sounds from the woman so as to not be found out. A hand trailed downwards, from the grasp it had on the maid's neck, down to her wrist, and made a small slit. Once finished with the throat, she gently suckled at the wrist and then put the body into the Armoire. The room was such a mess anyhow, she was certain no one would be up to clean it in a long time....

Lamps Lit on the streets.

[15 May 2005|03:40pm]

[ mood | Abused ]

Fragile digits touched upon paled lips, an expression of faint amusement drawn across the masculine countenance. Against the rounded tip an ivory razor was pulled, tantalising the flesh as he drew his fang upon it. So many palpitations, a cacophony of life that surrounded him, inviting, tempting him to snatch away at the deafening din and still one more heart. To kill. Yes, he would enjoy that, the rapture and ecstasy death would endue to his senses. His spine arched at the mere thought, his abused digit trailing down the chiselled edge of his jaw. Not yet. The predatory gleam within the daunting sapphire orbs faded. Later, the sweet release of night whispered to him, the inky darkness that caressed and hid his stalking form from dull human senses would become his partner. A sharp breath brought reality crashing back around him, the joyous laughter of children, the harsh cries of fish wives, cutting through the warm air, juxtaposed against the soft lull of the city. A strong arm wrapped about him, mahogany locks caressing his abdomen as the owner's head settled against his shoulder, cradled there. "Do you like to watch them mon amour?" An amused voice roused behind him, one he could never be rid of, one perhaps he did not desire to be rid of. A chilled hand rimmed the base of his ebony jacket, sliding below the ruffed shirt to glide across the toned abdomen below, taking advantage of the inert man. Delicate crafted features turn away from his sire, eyes narrowing, distaste causing his lips to curl. "So cold Lantis, will you never speak for me?" His form froze, the hand slipping lower to breech more intimate spaces, the mere mention of his condition holding him fast along with so rare a treat, his name sounding so silken upon his Sire's lips. His spine arched involuntarily to the hand, rewarded by a faint purr, his lips parting to release.. nothing.. the groan that willed out silenced. "I'll let you play with them later chere, until the night falls you are mine to play with."

Lamps Lit on the streets.

NOTICE: [15 May 2005|09:25am]

For those of you new to this community, please note some of the following things:

This is a post-by-post RPing section, to reply, simply go into your updates box, and make a post. Please do NOT use the comments to make a replying post to someone elses charachter actions.

Also note: Sparring, Killing, and such may be used, but remember. To kill someone's charachter off, you must have consent. If they note in their post how they are aiming to kill, that is pure consent, and you can kill them off.

NPCs: You are allowed to play fellow charachters to tie into your post, such as bar tenders, people wandering the streets, people offering housing, merchants, that type of lot.

To read this, if it is lost within the depths of many posts over it, please bookmark the USERINFO page of this community, where news, and what not shall be put up. These rules will be located there, and also in the memories section of this community.

Location: USERINFO

Lamps Lit on the streets.

[15 May 2005|09:19am]

Upon finally reaching her room, she'd wave the tender off. Her gaze lingered on the dank, old room. A hand ever so pale, traced it's way over the dusty bed table, scoffing at the lack of maintenance her room recieved. A nice sweep of her feet, and she was brought to the balcony window, opening it. Gazing downwards at the dark melancholy city, she caught sight of people wandering, and one in particular made her curious. A tall woman with a nice suit, seeming very formal. Her body hunched forwards, Charade keeping her gaze set. This woman had an interesting aura about her.

curiouser, and curiouser...

She'd think to herself. Her ebony hair seemed to make a nice shaping, body arched forwards. Her mouth opened to call out, but she stopped herself. The sun would soon rise, but of course, if the day was dark and dreary, she would not need sleep. The warm air of the streets brushed over her skin, but she could never feel that...

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